Ranking the five worst NFL starting quarterbacks in 2020

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Quarterback play often dictates a team’s success in the National Football League. In 2020 for example, we’ve seen several games won and lost as a direct result of how well a team’s quarterback played.

In this article, we will look at the five worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL in 2020.

Before moving on, I opted to disqualify the quarterbacks for the Washington Football Team and the Chicago Bears due to the fact that nobody really knows who will be starting under center for them beyond that current week.

With that being said, here are the five worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL in 2020.

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5.) Gardner Minshew II, Jacksonville Jaguars

Minshew got off to another blazing hot start to the 2020 season, but has since cooled off. In fact, some analysts believe Minshew’s play has regressed to the point that he is no longer in Jacksonville’s long-term plans.

Minshew doesn’t have a ton to work with in Jacksonville, but that still doesn’t give him a pass for being a liability to his team.

4.) Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

Remember when Wentz was a candidate to take home NFL MVP honors? That seems like decades ago.

Philadelphia is unfortunately tied to Wentz (financially) for at least another year or two, so there is still time for him to right the ship before moving on. That said, with how terrible the former North Dakota State superstar has played thus far in 2020, it’s more likely that the Eagles will move to Jalen Hurts and make Wentz the highest-paid backup quarterback in NFL history.

3.) Daniel Jones, New York Giants

Jones has been ridiculed on social media (rightfully so in some cases), and the jury is still out on his long-term prospects with the New York Football Giants.

Bottom line: The former Duke signal caller has looked good at times, and absolutely horrendous at other times. Given his supporting cast, Jones likely deserves at least another season under center for the G-Men. But if things don’t get better in a hurry, his tenure in New York could be short-lived.

2.) Drew Lock, Denver Broncos

Lock has flashed signs of big-time ability, but as a whole, the former Missouri Tiger has easily been one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL in 2020.

Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur has been mediocre at best, and it didn’t help that the Broncos lost Pro Bowl wide receiver Courtland Sutton early in the season. But the truth of the matter is that Lock ranks dead last in league in ESPN’s QBR ratings.

What’s more troubling for Lock and the Broncos is that the second-year pro appears to be getting worse every week.

1.) Sam Darnold, New York Jets

To be fair to Darnold, history has proven that unless your name is Peyton Manning, you are likely going to suck if you play under Adam Gase. When you combine having Gase as his coach with the fact that he plays for the Jets, it quickly becomes clear that Darnold never really stood a chance in hell at developing into a franchise quarterback in New York.

Nonetheless, the former USC standout has been flat-out bad in 2020. Here’s to hoping he can resurrect his career with another franchise after the Jets presumably draft Clemson superstar Trevor Lawrence this coming offseason.

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