Here are the most likely Super Bowl 54 matchups according to Vegas

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There is only one full week left in the 2019 NFL regular season, which means the playoffs, and ultimately Super Bowl 54, are just around the corner.

A handful of teams have separated themselves from the pack in the race for the Lombardi Trophy. But as we all know, only two teams will make the trip to Miami to battle it out on the biggest stage in American professional sports.

A lot can (and will) happen over the next few weeks that will change things, but as of today, here are the most likely matchups for Super Bowl 54, according to the oddsmakers in Las Vegas.

Odds courtesy of Sportsbook.ag as of December 22, 2019.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Baltimore Ravens (+675)

Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson have been arguably the best two players in the league this year. Jackson’s Ravens have looked borderline unbeatable for most of the last two months, while Wilson’s Seahawks have had similarly dominant stretches at various times throughout the year.

The Seahawks need to get healthy, and will likely have to go on the road for at least one game to reach Super Bowl 54. If this scenario plays out, football fans will be in for a treat.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens (+450)

The 49ers and Ravens met in Week 13 with Baltimore prevailing 20-17. As the final score from their previous meeting indicates, these teams are fairly evenly matched.

Additionally, out of all of the teams that will qualify for the postseason, the Niners are likely the most well-equipped to slow down Jackson.

New Orleans Saints vs. Baltimore Ravens (+425)

As I mentioned previously, the Ravens have looked like the unquestioned best team in the NFL for the last two months. Likewise, the Saints have made a strong case for being the most complete team in the league.

I am in complete agreement with the oddsmakers’ assessment here. This potential matchup would be highly entertaining.

Other notables:

  • San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots (+1050)
  • New Orleans Saints vs. New England Patriots (+1100)
  • San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs (+1150)
  • New Orleans Saints vs. Kansas City Chiefs (+1200)
  • Green Bay Packers vs. Baltimore Ravens (+1400)

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