Betting odds for the most likely outcomes of Super Bowl 54

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And then there were four.

Four NFL teams remain in the hunt for the Super Bowl 54 title, and only one of them, the Kansas City Chiefs, was considered to be one of the league’s top championship contenders when the 2019 season kicked off back in September. The other three — the Tennessee Titans, Green Bay Packers, and San Francisco 49ers — were all considered longshots.

According to the FanDuel Sportsbook, the Chiefs opened the season at 7/1, the Packers at 19/1, the 49ers at 36/1, and the Titans at 40/1.

With only four teams remaining, there are now only eight potential Super Bowl 54 matchups, and 16 potential Super Bowl 54 outcomes.

Of the 16 possible Super Bowl 54 outcomes, the oddsmakers at BetOnline have established the following eight as being the most likely.

Odds courtesy of BetOnline.ag as of January 19, 2020.

Packers defeat Titans (+2000)

Given the betting lines heading into Championship Sunday (Chiefs -7.5, 49ers -8), this potential outcome should be more like +3000. Just saying.

Titans defeat Packers (+1400)

BetOnline’s oddsmakers like Ryan Tannehill over Aaron Rodgers if the Titans and Packers meet in Super Bowl 54 — again, this possible outcome should be closer to +3000.

Titans defeat 49ers (+800)

Can the Titans pull off wins over the Patriots (12-4), Ravens (14-2), Chiefs (13-3), and 49ers (13-3) all in one postseason? When you think about it like that, these odds (9/1) don’t really provide much value.

Packers defeat Chiefs (+800)

Aaron Rodgers vs. Patrick Mahomes — this matchup would instantly be known as ‘The State Farm Bowl.’ This matchup would provide plenty of offensive firepower.

49ers defeat Titans (+700)

Think the Titans’ Cinderella story will continue in the AFC Championship, but end against the 49ers on Super Bowl Sunday? Then this is your bet.

Chiefs defeat Packers (+700)

The oddsmakers like Mahomes’ chances against Rodgers in The State Farm Bowl.

49ers defeat Chiefs (+250)

The Chiefs and Niners are both heavily favored in their respective conference championship games (Kansas City is currently -7.5 and San Francisco is currently -8), so these odds aren’t exactly surprising. The oddsmakers apparently like the Chiefs a little more than the 49ers in this potential matchup.

Chiefs defeat 49ers (+200)

See above in regard to the two Championship Game lines. As of today, the Chiefs are the slight overall favorites to win Super Bowl 54, giving this outcome a narrow edge as the odds-on favorite.

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