Marbula One Midnight Bay Grand Prix: Betting odds and how to watch

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Photo courtesy of Jelle’s Marble Runs/Youtube

Marble racing is alive and well. In fact, it is pretty much the only option out there for the gambling degenerates looking for live action.

The Midnight Bay Grand Prix is the eighth race in the Marbula One Circuit inaugural season. The race is slated for 1:30pm MST on Sunday April 4th. The race will be broadcasted from the official Jelle’s Marble Run youtube page.

Gamblers rejoice, as Betonline.ag has posted lines for the upcoming race. Currently team Hazers are the favorites at +550, followed by team O’rangers at +600, and team Galactic at +1000. Team Savage Speeders currently do not have a line on Betonline.ag.

Prop bets will also be available on the site:

  • Will any marbles not finish the race? No -300; Yes +200
  • O/U Lead Changes 4.5: Over -130; Under -110
  • Will Winner Record Fastest Lap? No -500; Yes +300
  • Will there be a lead change during final lap? No -500; Yes +300

The raceway at Midnight Bay features sixteen laps, fifteen turns, and twelve meters of track. Coming out of the eleventh turn the racers will face the formidable “invisible bridge.” Lacking barriers the suspended feature will become a choke point within the track. Expect several marbles to be knocked from the course and disqualified from contention here.

Sixteen marbles will be competing Sunday. Team Hazers currently dominate the Marbula One standings with 90 points. Savage Speeders come in second with 76 points, and O’rangers follow with 69 points. See the Official Jelle’s Marble Run website for the full season standings.

The Qualifying event took place Saturday and was marred by controversy as Speedy from Team Savage Speeders released during racer Clementin’s lap.

The incident occurs at the 7:12 time stamp.

The JMR committee released an official statement regarding the incident.

“To see if Speedy had a significant advantage, we compared the racer’s times coming out of the gate with Clementin’s times, who did see a clean start. If Speedy went out the gate unfairly quickly, you should see Speedy going faster than Clementin in the first seconds.

But Speedy was on pace with Clementin through the first turn and straightaway. The gap only developed until the middle of Turn 2, and that was because Clementin bumped the curb in a way Speedy did not.

We respect our fans and the race dynamics and understand that some of your are angry, but the truth of the matter is that the facts are that there was no interference between racers and the race happened as normal, just as it had in the beginning of the season where multiple marbles launched for qualifiers. There was also another previous early jump at the Short Circuit that did not draw as much attention as this one did. We are consistent with our ruling here.”

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