survivor-season 40-winners at war-cbs-odds-betting odds-jeff probst-crazy tony-tony vlachos-Kim Spradlin-Wolfe-favorite-spoiler-tribal council-immunity-challenge-prize-money-salary-paid-Natalie Anderson-Michele Fitzgerald-Sophie Clarke-boston rob-Sarah Lacina-Nick Wilson-Wendell Holland-Ben Driebergen-yul kwon-Jeremy Collins-Adam Klein-Parvati Shallow-Denise Stapley-sandra-quit-queen
Betting odds to win Survivor Season 40: Winners at War

With no real sports on the docket for the foreseeable future, those looking to invest and engage in a real competition may want to tune in to Survivor Season 40: Winners at War. This season of the highly successful reality franchise in particular has some extra appeal, as every contestant is a winner from a […]

By: April 4, 2020
Emmy Awards-odds-Vegas sportsbooks-Elisabeth Moss-Keri Russell-Evan Rachel Wood-Sandra Oh-claire foy-Evan Rachel Wood-Tatiana Maslany-Orphan Black-Westworld-The Americans-Killing Eve-The Crown-he Handmaid's Tale-betting odds-predictions-rumors-candidates-emmy nominations 2018-nominees-2018-list-winners
Emmy Awards Odds: Vegas Favorites to Win Best Actress in a Drama in 2018

All the nominees in the Best Actress in a Drama category are worthy of winning. Here’s who Vegas likes to take home the trophy at the 2018 Emmy Awards.

By: August 10, 2018
Sterling K.Brown-Emmy Awards-Jason Bateman-Ed Harris-Milo Ventimiglia-Jeffrey Wright-Matthew Rhys
2018 Emmy Awards Odds: Who Vegas Likes to Win Best Actor in a Drama

The competition for Best Actor in a Drama is stiff at the 2018 Emmy Awards. Here’s who Vegas is picking to take home the trophy.

By: July 20, 2018
mark Wahlberg-nfl-bets-cleveland browns-baker mayfield-tom brady-new england patriots-philadephia eagles-super bowl-super bowl 53-betting odds-wahlburgers-entourage-ocean resort casino-atlantic city-robert kraft-donnie wahlberg-net worth-tv show-transformers
Mark Wahlberg Reveals His Shocking Bets For the 2018 NFL Season

Mark Wahlberg is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. That hasn’t stopped him from being a passionate sports fan. Here’s a look at his bets for the 2018 NFL season.

By: July 18, 2018
Daniel Craig-James Bond-007-Tom Hardy-sportsbooks-James Norton-Idris Elba
Vegas Odds for Which Actor Will Replace Daniel Craig as James Bond

Daniel Craig is expected to hang up his spy suit after the next James Bond movie. Vegas oddsmakers believe one of these actors will take on the role next.

By: July 17, 2018

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